Finland people Ranked first place for the second time in a row according to the World Happiness Index.

10 reasons for Finland people become happiest.

01. Finland People who are often outdoors.

Most people in Finland live outdoors. The country has a clean air environment. The percentage of forests in the country is 73%. According to the World Health Organization, Finland is one of the countries with the cleanest atmosphere. Frequent dealings with the natural environment increase the physical fitness of the population and reduce stress. And the natural environment is part of their culture.

02. Drinking water is completely free.

Finland is known as the land of thousands of famous lakes in the world. There are more than 187,000 lakes in the country. Water from reservoirs can be taken directly for drinking. This is why you can get bottled water for free at any store.

03. An allowance for every child up to the age of 17.

Every child receives this gift. The government provides 100 euros for the first child and more for the other children. The government will also provide free school equipment, toys, and sanitary ware to the home. Therefore, children are not a burden to the home economy.

04. High confidence in the police service.

The police are functioning as a completely independent unit. Fraud and corruption are minimal. According to a survey, 90% of the people believe in the police. That is why crime is at a minimum.

05. Sports are a part of life itself.

Almost everyone in the country is doing some kind of sport. There are international sports as well as local sports. Finland Husbands are Carrying their wives on the shoulder and running. It is a popular sport in the country.

A Husband is Carrying his wife on the shoulder
A Husband is Carrying his wife on the shoulder

06. The use of the Internet is a right.

This was made a right in 2010. It was the first country to grant that right. Complaints can be made if their area is not well covered and compensation can be sought if the internet slows down.

07. Fathers care more about their children.

When a baby is born, the father gets 9 weeks of paid leave. There are also programs that encourage him to spend more time with his children.

08. The most book reading country.

More than 70% of the Finnish people are active members of the library in their area.

09. The country with the best education in the world.

Education is completely free and the best education system in the world is in Finland. Books, school equipment, sports equipment are provided free of charge and there are no tedious exams. No more tuition and Finnish children are the least stressed children in the world.

10. “SISU” method

This is a system unique to Finland. This creates a child who can face any situation. Therefore, at any opportunity, a dedicated and working citizen is born.

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