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Welcome to E-sinhala.com E-sinhala.com is brought to you by a fully qualified Senior Teacher. Do You want to learn Sinhala or learn to write essays in the Sinhala language? If so, you have come to the right place. Therefore, E-sinhala.com has many high-quality lessons to improve the proficiency of your Sinhala language writing skills. Especially for Writing Sinhala essays (Sinhala rachana).

ABOUT E-sinhala.com

This E-sinhala.com is a Sinhala language learning educational platform. Especially for writing Sinhala articles. Certainly, the E-sinhala.com website target is to develop Sinhala language skills. The current Sinhala language is a category of Indo-Aryan languages. And it is a subdivision of Indo- European languages. Sinhalese (Sinhala) is the main language of Sri Lanka.

Today, more than 23 million people worldwide are using Sinhala as a language. As well as there are many students who study the Sinhala language in the world. So then it is very important to develop Sinhala language skills. People do not need to learn to speak their native language. But writing is not possible. We Do not speak Sinhala like writing. Therefore, Sinhala’s writing should be specially learned. The teaching strategy E-sinhala.com uses to develop Sinhala Language skills is writing Sinhala essays.

Writing an essay

(Writing Sinhala Rachana)

Writing an essay often seems to be a difficult task among students. In fact, writing a successful essay is quite difficult. But following the simple instructions given on this site, will help you to improve “Sinhala Rachana” writing skills.

About Sri Lanka Sinhala Language

The Sinhalese language also called Sinhala. Sinhala is official language of Sri Lanka. As mentioned earlier, Sinhala was born in the Indo-Aryan language. In the 5th century BC. colonists took the Sinhala Language from northern India. Later its isolation from the other Indo-Aryan language of India. Then the Sinhala Language developed along independent lines. The Sinhala language was influenced by Pāli and Sanskrit. It has influenced a significant number of words from the Tamil language too, which is also spoken in Sri Lanka.

Old Sinhala characters for sinhala Essays

Brāhmī characters

Any Language, writing will start long after the Colloquialism. In that manner, the earliest Sinhala inscriptions have written on the rock in Brāhmī characters, date from about 200 BC. Language is a live stream. It has an evolution. As we know Sinhala letters have started about 200BC but the modern Sinhala Alphabet has 60 letters. There are 18 Vowel sounds and 42 consonant sounds in the modern Sinhalese alphabet.


Development of Sinhala language skills through the proficiency in Sinhala essay writing skills.

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