Test 14

Write on one of the following. Use 150 – 200 words.     (15 marks)

a. Write an essay on ‘Modes of transport in our country’.

Include the following:

– what ’Modes of transport’ is

– how people travelled in the past

– how people travel now

– what will happen in future


Modes of transport in our country

Transport means, conveying people or goods from one place to another. There are several methods of transportation, which are Air transportation, Water transportation and land transportation. These are called “Modes of transport”.  In Sri Lanka, all three modes of transport are in use.

Sri Lanka in the past was much more advanced. Therefore, the means of transport were primary. There were no flights at the time. There were no flights at the time. Therefore, people traveled by ship to foreign countries. Boats and barges were used to travel from village to village. Overall, transportation in the past was very slow, expensive and risky.

The present is a technological age. The transportation system of our country is on the verge of progressing with technology. The airline’s growth has been astounding. Transport of the railway line has connected the North and the South. Almost every home has motor vehicles.

Transportation is the fastest innovation in the near future. Research has already begun on the use of solar and atomic energy as energy for all transport systems. For this reason, the vehicles will be light as a bird. Then the concept of flying cars becomes a reality.

We are the inheritors of that future. Therefore, this is time for us to equip ourselves with good discipline and wisdom.

This English Essay has 216 words

Total number of words to be = 150 – 200

Total Marks = 15