Antiquities are some of the most important things that people have created in the past. These antiquities are like a mirror depicting the cultural identity of the country. They are therefore called “our national treasures.”

Sri Lanka people have been an artist since very past. As our, history they were mostly agricultural peoples. They had Leisure with agriculture to think about literature and art.

The Samadhi Buddha Statue is one of the most magnificent works created during the Anuradhapura’s kingdom period. The Samadhi Buddha Statue depicts the calmness of the mind of the Buddha in meditation. The Sandakadapahana is also a masterpiece. Scholars believe that the moonstone reflects a taste of art as well as a deep Buddhist philosophy. These are our cultural heritage. Sigiriya is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sigiriya also is known as Aalakamandawa was a fortress built by King Rawana of Sri Lanka in the pre-Kasyapa era.

The “Sigiriya paintings”, carvings and wonderful works of this Sigiriya wonder local and international community. The literary creations on the mirror wall (Katapath pawra) exhibit the literature skill of the ordinary people. Buddha statues, Sandakadapahana, Sigiriya paintings, and various other sculptures exhibit our people’s art skills.

These precious national treasures are increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters such as rain and wind. The Department of Archeology has taken all possible measures to conserve them.

The reckless actions of humans are more serious than Natural hazards. There are many instances where Buddha statues have been demolished and destroyed for the purpose of treasure hunting. Antiquities are also stolen and sold abroad.

Antiquities, or national treasures, must be preserved because they are a chronicle of our cultural identity. People with no history are like fools. It is our pride that embodies our national treasures. Therefore, we must contribute to the protection of our national treasures.

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