To get the best score, you should think of two things to write a good essay.

  1. Developing the ability to write essays
  2. Understand how to give a mark for a essay

This article aims to teach you how to develop Essays writing skills.

Developing Essays skills

Reading is the key to developing Essay writing skills. Model essay, reading books are stored in memory matters, as is the ability to develop your writing. Reading regularly involves learning new words, learning spelling, and learning how to write texts. Reading every detail at the reading does not make sense. From grade 6 it’s best to read about the field you want or most of all. Below is a list of the fields for writing essays from Grade 6 to Grade 13. These should select two or three preferred fields. Then it should be encouraged to read and find the information.

Try to Select two or three of the following fields by putting ✓ mark

  1. Science, technology and information technology
  2. Religion, Sculpture and Values field
  3. plants, animals and the environment, including natural disasters on
  4. About health and diseases
  5. Drama, Song, Film, Documentation, etc.
  6. Education and the use of modern technology
  7. On economic social issues, such as road accidents, suicide, poverty
  8. Agriculture (farming)
  9. About International or local political

If you do not like this, you have to choose a different field you like.

“Continue reading about your chosen fields”

Writing is the second way to developing essay writing skills. You should write frequently on the fields you are interested in reading and seeking information. It is essential to write an essay plan before start. Make a writing plan (a draft) including following points before writing an essay.

  1. Introduction
    This is the first paragraph of the essay. You should provide a hint of what you intend to write here.Also this section should be perfect in short and beautiful language applications. For example, you can use a proverb or figurative words.

    * “happiness is the absolute wealth” Is a good example for proverb .

  2. contents
    Content must have two or three paragraphs. One main point for one passage should be included. The information you know about this matter should be written so as to be relevant to the topic. In this context, the terms used in the use of illustrations, metaphors and special languages should be presented beautifully.
  3. End
    It is enough to include two or three sentences as summary.