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There was a interesting story of the Jataka Stories of the ancient literature on the origin of liquor. A man called “Sura” of Barenasnuwara, got drunk from a palm tree in a tree. Later, he give it to a hermit named “Varun” in the forest. They addicted it. The two go to town and sell them. The townsfolk and the king have addicted it. The liquor is spread all over the country. In the past, “liquor” is commonly called the drug. Today, there are many types of liquor approved by the government. Alcohol and tobacco products manufactured on government licenses have been approved by the government, but have been restricted to use. There are many illegal drugs which are not approved. Cannabis, marijuana, opium, heroin, cocaine, and chemical pills are known as such illegal drugs.
Poppy is used in many drug products. These crops are popular in Thailand, Burma and Laos, the so-called “gold triangle”. Also known as the “golden moon”, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are the countries that cultivate illegal narcotics. Today, this drug production is a lucrative business that invades the world like an octopus.
In the 1970, Sri Lanka had to accept the free economic policy of the world. As a result, imports and exports were eased. Tourism has expanded. Drug trade was the beneficiary of this. By 2019, drug trafficking has finally become a major factor in crippling the economic, social, political and cultural system.
The state legislative body for the prevention of illicit drugs is known as the Dangerous Drugs Control Board. The institute conducts research, detection, control and rehabilitation of drug addicts. The National Drug Prevention Program is being implemented in Sri Lanka with tremendous strength under the President. The police and security forces are at the forefront of the anti-narcotics fight.
The role of society in the prevention of drug abuse is not trivial. Drugs are not manufactured in Sri Lanka and social assistance is essential to close the gates of the country. Airports, harbors, fishing and other boats are the gateway to drugs. The gatekeepers of these must look to the common good rather than the economic benefit. Not only high officials but even minor employees should be spying on drugs. In a country where communication technology is at a very advanced stage, this type of spying requires commitment and bravery.
Only a handful of the so-called elite defend the drug trade. This is a clandestine business, and the virtuous elite have devised subtle strategies for their own safety and survival. It is a social responsibility to disclose everything, rather than be a mere “deaf elephant”; A social role. This is because the stringent measures taken from the top down can only eliminate this menace.
On a day when law, government, state institutions and society are united and pounding its head, Sri Lanka will be away from this social threat forever.

The Role of the Society in Preventing Drugs

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