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The Sinhala language is like a tree with four branches. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are those four branches. The most important of these is listening.

Man is accustomed to listening to the talks of others, various sounds of the environment, such as poems and songs. In this, It is important to listen to what others have to say to understand their feelings and thoughts. Although many in the community are good at speaking, they seem to be reluctant to listen to others. It is the loss of learning to listen well. Listening cannot be taught and must be understood and learned by oneself.

We interact with other people like pearls in a pearl necklace. There, unity with each other is like strings of pearls. The most important thing that contributes to that unity and solidarity is listening to others. Listening to others makes them want to listen and respect us.

The importance of listening

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Sinhala essay :- Api Hodin Sawan Demu (The importance of listening)- Grade 6