11 o/l satarakan mantranaya

G.C.E.(O.L.) Examination 2019 – Sinhala Language


The Jataka stories, which can be considered as instructional stories, attempt to tell the bodhisattva stories of the Buddha’s previous souls. The Jataka book, which has been translated into various languages, is considered a work of universal literature.

According to the 30th chapter of the Mahavamsa Sri Lanka, the author of this book is King Panditha Parakramabahu IV (1302-1326) who took over the kingdom of Kurunegala. It is stated that a Bhikku scholar from the Chola country was kept as master and after listening to five hundred and fifty Pali Jataka Katha from those Bhikkhus, and then he translated them into Sinhala and wrote them down to the Tripitaka Bhikkus.

Ummagga jatakaya vicharaya

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