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suppress crime description

Grade 9 Sinhala text book. 2019

Summary of this Essay

Information about the day by day crimes we hear about tells us that there is no progress in society. Economic problems as well as shortcomings in human relations have contributed to these crimes. The entire masses must rally to suppress these crimes.

Ancient humans lived like wild animals and in time passed through that wildlife and became civilized. That man who came to a high civilized state is called “Mana us” or “Minis”. The law is a wonderful tool adopted by man to govern man. Every human being is subject to the law, but there are also those who disregard those laws. Anything they do illegally is called a crime.

Let's suppress crime

This Sample Sinhala Essay has 295 words

Total number of words to be = 200
Total Marks =15

Sinhala essay:- Let’s suppress crime – Grade 9