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Amazing Horton Plains in Sri Lanka

Horton Plains is a natural mountant place that has mist and cold in Sri Lanka. In the past it was known as “Maha Eliya, Mahatenna, Wilmanthalawa, Gonatenna”. After the visit of Governor Robert Horton, this beautiful land, which attracted the attention of locals and foreigners alike, Around 1836 became known as “Horton Plains”.

Horton Plains is a wildlife paradise. Herds of elks (Gona) are common in this area. It is for this reason that it is called ‘Gonatenna’. Herds of elks are a common sight on the road to Horton Plains. Surprisingly, some elks also can see the area where people roam.

Anyone who sets out to see the Horton Plains wears raincoats or winter warm coats. The journey is difficult but fun. Sometimes the road is covered with mist. Occasionally there is a cold gust of wind blowing ones away. End of the walk, travelers can visit a place that has great biodiversity called “the World’s End”.

Horton Plains is an environmental university. It is rich in flora and fauna endemic to Sri Lanka. The Horton Plains is therefore revered by environmentalists around the world as a natural resource-rich in complex biodiversity. Today, it is designated a nature reserve and a national forest park and is protected by the government.
Horton Plains is our heritage. Its future value and existence are determined based on human activities. That is, only if man protects the environment will these Horton Plains be inherited by future generations. Otherwise, the name “Horton Desert” would come into use.

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