Category: Grade 11

Mobile phone and social progress

The mobile phone is known as an amazing device that can take over the whole world. This is not simple. The mobile phone is now known as the “smart” phone. It brings us knowledge and information based around the world. Making personal connections closer. Establishes professional and banking activities from their own home. The mobile phone has become a multi-function device.

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Sri Lanka garbage problem

Many people in Sri Lanka tend to dispose of homes and factories garbage to natural enviroment. The collapse of these places is a serious threat to the environment and human health. It seems that the mass indifference is due to this situation. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the garbage in a proper, health care, environmentally friendly and systematic way of developing people’s attitudes.

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Minimize non-infectious diseases

Recently it was revealed that many school children in Sri Lanka suffer from diabetes. It is unfortunate that these young people, who are about to take up the future of the country, will have such non-communicable diseases. Avoid breakfast, lack of exercise, and busyness as it happens.

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