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11 ශ්‍රේණිය සිංහල රචනා

Sinhala Grade 11 Text  book page  # 55 – Sinhala Language


Literature and Society

Literature is the source of taste that created language. It improves not only the taste but also the understanding of human life. Poetry, novels, short stories, and visual poetry (drama) are elements of literature. Literature is a heritage of society.

Literature presents the identity of a country. It is like a mirror that reflects the social, cultural and political pattern of a country. For this, we can take the example of Thotagamuwa Sri Rahula Thero’s ‘Salalihini Sandasaya’ written during the period of Kotte Sahitya. Poems such as “Bala Senanayake Sapu Malkumaru Enae ” which appear there reveal the social and political information of that time. In addition to this, the folk tales and folk poetry literature that exists in the society, although not documented, also reveals many members’ cultural and political information.

Literature and Society Sinhala Essay Grade 11

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