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Grade 11 Essay

Grade 11 Sinhala TEXT BOOK


Earth is the only living planet that shines brightly under the Sun moon and stars. Known as the Blue Planet, it is a beautiful human world full of trees and animals. Man on earth is only a small particle, a wonderful creation of nature.
The creatures that inhabit the earth are endless. Man is the highest minded creature inhabiting it. Being able to conform to nature as a result of elevating the human mind. It is also possible to live in harmony with nature. But nature has created all that is needed by the higher mind, the beutifull body, and the wonderful ability.
There are many mistakes that humans make when trying to live in harmony with nature. They are called improper human activities. Man cannot destroy the giant, nature. Naturally man’s improper human activities are controlled by nature. The process of nature in this regard is a mystery, and the final ultimate affliction for man himself. Water scarcity, landslides, floods, wildfires are just a few of the regiments that seem to be on a mysterious mission.

Natural disasters are created by human.

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Sinhala essay :- Natural disasters are created by human – Grade 10/11 Essay