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Mobile phone and social progress

G.C.E.(O.L.) Examination 2018 – Sinhala Language


It is no secret that even the mobile phone can be used for social progress.

The mobile phone is known as an amazing device that can take over the whole world. This is not simple. The mobile phone is now known as the “smart” phone. It brings us knowledge and information based around the world. Making personal connections closer. Establishes professional and banking activities from their own home. The mobile phone has become a multi-function device.

Mobile phone is used for social good as well as bad. Today, there is a group of young people who have become addicted to social networking sites, who have wasted their time on education, sports, social association and entertainment, and are throwing their lives into the dark. Frequently we hear news that groups have been arrested for illegally forming social networking groups and participating in drug and obscene behavior. This is a misfortune of the misuse of modern information technology.

It is no secret that there are groups of clever young people using the mobile phone and the social networking sites that it can use.Thereby moving up to the degree level in foreign countries; They raise their ideas and new knowledge. They are free from the island mindset and deal with the world and their own development.

The good and bad of mobile phones need to be discussed in the society more. It is very easy to insult and blame the new. But it is worth the attention of the elderly to realize the essence of it and the benefits it can bring to society.

 Mobile phone and social progress

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Sinhala essay :- Mobile phone and social progress – Grade 10/11 Essay