Drug problem in Sri Lanka

Simple Idea of Essay

Drug use began in the colonial era. It’s sad to add to the drug addiction that destroys young people and destroys the entire economic plan. The loss of energy and vitality in the development of the country has become wasteful for a country like Sri Lanka that is improving. Now, the time has come for young people to look at the causes of drug use and save them.

* Write down an Essay using following descriptions not less than 250 words. Also apply a suitable topic for your Essay.



Western Province Education Department – Prototype Question Paper – 2018



Student should read the description carefully and generate a title for Compatible it. You can see this description has green color highlights. Also, following sample essay has green color highlights sentences. You should understand what are they. In this way you can write a good Compatible essay for given description.

Drug problem in Sri Lanka

This Essay has 259 words

Total number of words to be = 250
Total Marks =25

Sinhala essay :- Drug problem in Sri Lanka – Grade 10/11

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